WOLFE'S DEN ELECTRONICS began in September 2014 as a branch of Wolfe's Den, when we realalized the need for a better Television Experience and a way to make it more affordable for our customers and ourselves. After researching options, we found various steaming devices many that just allowed access to sites that charge fees for services like VUDU and NETFLICKS,  then we found XBMC/SPMC/KODI and that opened a whole new avenue of entertainment, we ordered several streaming centers for our technician to test and we found some that did not allow access to the links and some that were too slow and caused alot of buffering and others that did not have the memory to allow more then a few links/channels etc.  We then found the best of all of them was the Amazon Fire TV.  Since that time we contacted a manufacturer and had our own media centers designed with everything we wanted for our customers including remote support our new centers are the MORE POWER TV MEDA CENTERS (New name is the Miracle Box Media center)  and the most advanced full featured  media center is the GALACTIC STREAM MEDIA CENTER. . Our  technician programs all the links into each box one at a time and then tests them to make sure they work fluently before sending them out.  We are devoted to make sure our customers are Happy with their new media center and offer on going support via direct contact with the actual tech. who programed their Media Center. In addition we offer many, many products in the personal safety and defense and home safety line, such as hidden cameras on body, or at home, stun guns, pepper sprays alarms, security camera systems, almost anything in this line you may ask for a catalog or email with a request if you are interested in this line we have almost anything you can think of for security, defense, and safety, as we began Wolfe's Den as a personal safety and security company. There are a few samples on our website. You may contact us directly with questions, concerns,etc. at  814-635-7020 M-S 9am-7pm